A taralluzzi e vino

Here is another walk down memory lane.

We used to spend our summers at my grandparents’ manor house where there was a massive communal oven. Every fortnight, families gathered there to make their own bread, pizza, biscuits and taralli.

It was a very special event and, although it was hard work, we children were having a lot of fun and we were super excited about it.

I was playing with my cousins, of course, but, really, my interest lied more in helping both my mother and my grandmother with the dough and I loved making scaldatelli.

They are taralli which are typical throughout Puglia, however scaldatelli are an exclusive of my hometown, Foggia, and they are first boiled and then baked. This process gives them crispiness and colour.

I loved shaping and then “locking” them since, to do that, a jailer/treasure chest key was needed. Once locked, we then spent the evening and, at times, the whole night baking while enjoying those families’ gatherings..

It’s such a sweet memory ad I’d like to share it with you, together with the scaldatelli I just made here at Apulia Cafe.