Ebers Beer

Both the Ebers Blanche and the Belgian Blonde Ale are top-fermentation beers of Belgian inspiration, whereas the American Pale Ale is the result of the current American brewing renaissance. They are made using traditional brewing process: unfiltered, unpasteurized, free of additives, 100% natural.
They are fermented and matured in tank, but the fermentation is then completed in the bottle, at a controlled temperature, to refine the taste and aroma.
Although they pair very well with the recommended dishes, they all are excellent when paired with themselves!


Pale yellow in colour, veiled, it has a white, creamy and persistent foam.
Coriander and orange peel ensure an aroma of a fresh, spicy and citrusy bouquet.
The palate is of a naturally dry and a slightly sour body, and that gives this beer’s fragrance and freshness, making it particularly refreshing.
It goes very well with appetisers, delicate pasta dishes, vegetables, white risotto, fish dishes, white meats, non-aged cheeses, desserts with citrus fruits.
What’s in it? Water, barley malt, cereal flakes, durum wheat Senatore Cappelli, Gargano orange peel, coriander, hops, yeast.


Intense and opalescent golden colour, it has a creamy, persistent foam.
A delicate, fresh, fruity and spicy bouquet and a soft and velvety body, the latter smoothened by mild malty notes that give an overall spicy and hoppy taste at the end.
Recommended with cold cuts and cheeses, seafood, fried fish, white meat, battered vegetables, non-aged and soft cheeses.
Made with water, barley malt, hops, yeast, spices.


Amber and slightly opalescent colour, with a creamy and persistent foam.
Brewed using different types of hops whose notes of herbs, resins and citrus, give this beer a pleasant aromatic complexity.
The light sweetness of the malt, first, is then followed by a dry and aromatic taste, ending with a lasting and enveloping bitter aftertaste.
Marries very well with appetisers, entrees of meats and cheeses, pasta dishes with delicate tomato sauce, red meat, barbecue, blue and aged cheeses.
Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast.