Elijah’s Chocolate and Red Wine Cake

This is a winner cake: I have baked it many a times over the years and it has always had excellent reception among my guests.

Improvisation is my key skill and that is what I mainly use in the kitchen, but, alas, that clashes with the strict rules of the science of pastry making. Then again, I do very much like my challenges.

Some years ago I remember I was short of ideas for a cake that I was due to bake and, here she comes to my rescue, my sister in law totally saves me: “Valentina, try this. It’s a chocolate and red wine (oh yes please!) cake and I am sure you will love it!”

That was it; love at first bite!

Thank you very much Elia, your recipe keeps on working fine and now I do have the option to use our best selling resident red wine here at Apulia Cafe: Primitivo di Gioia del Colle “La Marchesana” from Cantine Polvanera.