(Just a tiny bit of) Puglia written with light

This is probably our favourite season for a perfect culinary trip to Puglia.
Late springtime/early summer is when the results of nature’s works, particularly the ones on people, leave visitors flabbergasted.

The geographic location, the sea, the hills, the soils, the plains, the sun and hence the overall weather conditions, generate a total awakening of everything in the area.
This really is Mediterranean at its best bringing us amazing firstlings and a hint of what’s yet to come over the following months.

The sights are emotional and one’s thoughts wander loosely from Ents-like olive trees, whose branches all seem to say “actually, we’d rather go back downwards as that’s easier both for us to grow and, above all, for you to pick our fruits you very much like”, to Davy Joneses constantly reminding you that “Today, I’ve brought you the sea!”; from the varieties of cucumbers, to the lettuce leaf basil; from the “railway” cherries, to the Tavoliere’s durum wheat; from the red clayed soil doing excellent job with grapes, to the prickly pears.

There’s harmony in all this, a peaceful, musical and harmonic overwhelming beauty that fills the souls with light.

Could Mr. Guthrie have sung something along the lines of, “This land is your land This land is my land from Califoggia to the Tremiti islands; from the Umbra forest to the Gulf Stream waters this land was made for you and Me.”? Quite possibly, yes!

Enjoy this humble visual description of ours. That’s photography after all, is it not?!