One flew over the cockerel’s nest

The whistle is probably the first ringing toy ever made; in fact, it has its origins in remote civilisations. A cockerel found at an archaeological site dates back to IV-V century AD and it is thought to be the ancestor of all whistles.

That theory is confirmed by the fact that they are made of clay, being that the very first material used by mankind to make bowls, vases and other objects. Among those some were created to keep children amused.

Every 17th January, when Rutigliano Whistle Fair (Fiera del Fischietto) takes place, boys give it to their girlfriends as an allusive love pledge.

Today, the whistle does inevitably grab everybody’s attention: children, grown ups, enthusiasts and collectors can all enjoy its thousands shapes and endless multi-colouring.

Last, but not least, it is a lucky charm for various purposes: propitiatory, ludic, magical and sexual ones. To whistle is therefore an infallible call of friendship and love.