From Apulia, the Heel of Italy

Your quest to find a place that offers excellence in food, beverage and ambience has finally succeeded.
Due to its geographical position, Puglia has benefitted from a very varied influence of neighbouring cultures.
Warm and sunny weather, most of the year, coupled with the surrounding of the sea (Italy’s longest coastline), do the rest.
Those are the two main factors that have made the food from Puglia unique with excellent production in terms of wines, extra virgin olive oil, fruit, vegetables, wheat, seafood. Among a total of 50 million olive trees in the whole region, the oldest ones can be found in Valle d’Itria and exceptional vineyards, too.

We tingle all your senses

They have always been appreciated and consumed locally, however, in the past, red wines of Puglia were considered, outside the Region, merely capable of enriching the alcohol content of the wines of the north. This negative image is now outdated and today Apulian wines are rewarded and recognised everywhere. Although a strong production of rosé and white wines exists, red ones represent the real quality and popularity of Apulian wines.
An invitation therefore to not look any further since, here, at Apulia Cafe, we tingle all your senses with smells, colours, flavours and tastes of our first home.
Do come and visit us, because life is too short to feed her with unloved food.