Lucille (please, come back where you belong)

We have a new entry, her name is Lucille and she asked us to be part of Apulia Cafe for good.

A bit reluctant, at first, as she looked way too shiny for our liking, we told her we needed to have a think about it and would she come back in a couple of days with a better pitch than the first one which, to be honest, was too high.
That she did alright and came back with a more salt-of-the-earth approach, polished jewelry around her neck and a very assertive tone.
We still were not 100% convinced, though, since, after all, as they say, one never gets a second chance to make a first impression, right?!

A couple of customers have been talking to her and they are saying we should let that thought go and live with the idea that Lucille ought to be with us on a permanent basis.
Surely, she must have used all her charm and our scepticism remains so, we have given her a couple of months to prove us wrong.
Should she succeed, she reminded us of Keith Moon and we promise she won’t have to be concerned about lack of formalization on the matter.

Good luck to her!